CGS-311 TriTip Grill Tool


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The Cuisinart TriTip Grill Tool Set does more than you’ d ever expect two tools to do. These tools are constructed of durable stainless steel that goes all the way through the ergonomic plastic handles. The TriTip Spatula has a large surface with a bottle opener and a clever cutting edge. The TriTip Locking Tongs feature a precision point grip, perforations for straining, and a scalloped/firm toothed edge. Why waste space with more tools than you need. This TriTip tool set was built for a variety of uses and it was built to last.
FeaturesTong has a precision grip point, perforations, and scalloped/firm toothed edge
Spatula has an oversized surface, a bottle opener, and a completed cleaver cutting edge
Tools are constructed of durable stainless steel
Handles are made with ergonomic plastic handles and integrated hanging loops


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