CSG-499 Multi-Tool Instant Read Thermometer


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The Cuisinart Multi-Tool Instant Read Thermometer is easy to use and offers more than just a meat probe. This Multi-Tool Thermometer also has you taken care of with a timer, cork screw, bottle opener, and LED light for night grilling. Have 5 important tools in one place. The quick, easy-to-read thermometer makes grilling your dish to the perfect temp easy and convenient. It features an easy to read display and stainless steel probe that delivers instant readings.
Features5-in-1 tool meat probe, timer, cork screw, bottle opener, and LED light
Integrated magnets on back for placement on grill while grilling
This weather resistant thermometer is 7.15″ long in the storage position and 13.5″ with probe and bottle cap extended
Auto shut off automatically turns off after 5 minutes of it’s last use
Takes one cr 2032 battery and has a LED light for night grilling
Instantly and accurately read the internal temperature of your meat
Easy to use, digital timer that counts up or down (maximum 99 minutes and 59 seconds)


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