12 LED Hydroponic Plant Garden Red Blue Light Lamp Bulb

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This 12W LED plant light includes 12 LED lights, 3 blues, and 9 reds. The red lights will help the plants grow, sprout, flower and fruit, playing a main role in forming the plant’s pigment. The blue lights will increase the photosynthesis. This bulb is an artificial light source, which will promote your plant’s growth by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum suitable for photosynthesis. In winter, for example, the natural light is not enough, so these lights will need to play an important role in growing your vegetables and flowers. Our bulb is an all in one solution! Not only is it energy-efficient but it is money-saving too. If you are looking for the LED plant light, don’t hesitate to buy one! Perfect for growing indoor vegetables, flowers, or herbs Featuring 12 LED lights, 3 blue lights, and 9 red lights Light is fully absorbed by plants; low power consumption Input voltage is AC85~265V, 12W rated power, energy-saving & environmentally friendly