2391-1 14 in. Porch Planter Textured Flower Pot and Herb Garden Terracotta


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The Bloomers 14″ Porch Planter from EMSCO Group is a simple, yet elegantly functional, flower pot. The large 14″ diameter and 7″ height make it suitable for most plants from flowers to vegetables. Use it as a grow box for herbs or decorate your patio with beautiful floral arrangements. It comes with a solid bottom (which is also a great weed barrier when on soil) that can easily be drilled to allow for drainage holes, making it great for indoor or outdoor use. While other ceramic pots, cement pots and clay pots are heavy and easily break or crack, the Bloomers Porch Planter is lightweight and sturdy. Made from premium, UV-stable polyethylene plastic, this flower pot can survive drops and won’t fade or warp in the harsh outdoor elements. The resin used is also BPA and phthalates and it’s even FDA approved for contact with edibles, making it safe for herb and vegetable gardening. This decorative planter compliments other hanging pots and rail planters by sitting at just the right size: not to big and not too small. The light decorative design gives the Porch Planter a gorgeous finish that blends with any landscape from backyards, gardens, flowing landscapes, window sills, stairs and virtually anywhere else around the home or apartment. When you need a simple planter that’s not just another cheap pot but a great growing container, grab a Bloomers 14″ Porch Planter from EMSCO Group.
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FeaturesConvenient Size – A 14″ Diameter And 7″ Height Makes This Planter Pot Useful For Nearly Any Location Or Space
Simple design – the basic design and light texture make this pot blend with any modern or rustic setting
Durable construction – the specially engineered polyethylene design resists cracking and fading unlike ceramic or clay pots that break when dropped
Indoor or outdoor planter – this pot comes with a solid bottom that won’t leak water or soil on counters or window sills but can easily be drilled if drainage is required
SpecificationsColor: Terracotta
Capacity: 760.24 fl.oz
Country of Orgin: US
Dimension: 7” H x 14” W x 14” L
Weight: 1.375 lbs


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