Garden Roto Planter 24 in. Attach to Any Cordless – RP3


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24″ Garden Bulb Auger.
Digs holes up to 22″ deep and 2-3/4″ wide.
It digs for you! Just insert into any 3/8″ or larger electric or cordless drill.
Plant Bulbs, Bedding Plants and Seedlings.
Deep water, aerate and fertilize trees and shrubs.
Gets the weeds, roots and all.
Roto Planter.
Insert Roto Planter into drill with pointed tip away from drill. Tighten drill chuck securely.
Hold the drill firmly with both hands. Place the drill tip of the Roto Planter straight down into ground where you wish to dig.
Start drill slowly. Do not push too hard. Medium speed is adequate to operate the Roto Planter. Allow Roto Planter to drill its own hole.
Dig down 2″ – 3″ then slowly pull out, allowing dirt to spin off.
Repeat until desired depth is reached. Works best in damp soil.
Length: 24″.
Width: 2.75″.
Height :2.75″.


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