XB1 MAX 351326 Lichdom Battlemage-Nla – XBOX One


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In this fierce, first person spell-caster, you play as Dragon, a scorned mage out to seek revenge on Shax, the evil overlord who destroyed your family. Using an arsenal of unlimited spells as your only form of weaponry, you must fight off hordes of evil cult members, monsters, and demons summoned from the abyss in a mission to avenge your loved ones. Robust spell-crafting system with 8 main sigils to form 1000s of spells Unlimited casting abilities with no mana bars or cool downs Fierce battles and battle arenas Pick up extra items and loot from fallen enemies to add new spells to your arsenal Explosive, fast-paced action with an intense focus on magic
FeaturesLichdom Battlemage-Nla – XBOX One
Real-time animated battles and dazzling special effects
Oversee a complex economy and heed your heroes’ needs
Each play’s rating must equal or exceed the last


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