10 Amazing Tips To Save Money On Amazon

Would you like to know how to save money on Amazon? For most of us, Amazon is our go-to shopping retailer, if you can think of it they most likely have it. Sometimes, when I shop on Amazon I feel as if I’m already saving even with no discount, the convenience of this retail giant I believe is why people keep going back for more. For an advent shopper like myself, these are some tips on how I’m able to save more on Amazon.

1. Many Free Services To Choose From

Use Amazon Prime Services

So, when I got Amazon Prime I had no idea that there was so much included with it besides the prime shipping. The first tip is to know what other services are included with your prime membership. You can stream TV shows and movies with Prime video, listen to all types of music with Prime music streaming, receive video game discounts with twitch prime and lastly prime reading where you can read all the books and magazines. Don’t miss out on all these free services with your prime membership.

2. Choose No-Rush Shipping

No Rush Shipping on Amazon

The truth is I love my 2 days free shipping; it’s very fast and convenient. However, if you’re in no rush to receive your order, there is a “no-rush shipping” option at checkout. The great thing about “no rush” is that you’ll receive a promotional reward or an instant discount on your order! These perks are great so take full advantage of them.

3. Click Those Coupons

Find Coupon deals on Amazon

Many of us use Amazon everyday for our basic shopping. Therefore, understanding how to save money on Amazon is crucial. Getting discount or cashback Coupons for any store or website is always a dream come true for shopaholics. To look out for coupons, click on “Today’s deals” on the homepage. Click on the “coupons” option on the top. To use a coupon select the “clip coupon” option. You can search for specific coupons per department such as “Health and beauty, Groceries etc. Coupons are also available on websites like Coupon.com, Groupon.com, and RetailmeNot.com. Using coupons is hands down one of the best ways I save on Amazon !

4. Simply Ask Alexa To Find You The Deals

Amazon Alexa To Find You The Deals

The amazing Amazon assistant, Alexa not just answers your questions but, she can also find you great deals on products you’re looking for. All you need is to call out to your favourite assistant “Alexa! What are your deals?” and she will quickly dispose of information about all the discount deals and offers available. You can even ask her to look for specific product deals which she will filter out and present to you. Alexa is handy for you to perform all your shopping tasks without any trouble.

5. Make Sure You Subscribe & Save Money On Amazon

Amazon Subscription service

Do you find yourself placing orders on the same items all the time? Your answer is “subscribe & save” plain and simple. If you subscribe to certain items you can save up to 20%, which is quite the savings, especially on your frequently bought products. Not only can you choose your preferred delivery frequency but you can also cancel at any time.

6. Have you tried Prime Pantry?

Use Amazon Prime Pantry

If you’re like me, sometimes you have no time to go to the grocery store for household products; for people like us, Prime Pantry is everything. If you’re a Prime Member you get free shipping on orders $35 and up and for non-Prime Members it’s a $5.99 flat rate shipping fee. This service does come in handy; its groceries at your door!

7. Get Cash Back With Rakuten

Get Cash Back With Rakuten

One of the top cashback and discount coupons providers is Rakuten. Rakuten members are eligible for many perks across 2500+ stores. Imagine getting cash back on almost every order?
With at least 3% cashback on almost every order, Rakuten allows you to save more every time you buy anything via Amazon ! There are different cashback offers for different product categories on Amazon . You can visit the Rakuten website or download the app to get the necessary details.
All you need to do is to sign-up as a member and you will be eligible for cashback and coupons.

8. Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

Use Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

If you’re addicted to shopping on Amazon you should strongly consider their Visa Signature Card. Upon approval, you receive $70 in an Amazon Gift Card. This card has been a huge benefit for my family and I!
You receive 5% cashback on every Amazon Purchase
2% cashback at restaurants and when you fuel up
1% on every other purchase

9. Do You Qualify For Prime Discount?

Use Amazon Prime Discounts

Amazon Prime isn’t the same price for everyone, some people get this service for a seriously discounted price.
If you’re a student you can sign up for Prime Student Membership which includes 6 months of free Prime service, followed by three and a half years of 50% of Prime services!
Individuals with an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) or Medicaid Card can have Prime services at $5.99/ month for up to 4 years with a yearly verification.

10. Shop The Big Sale Days!

Use Amazon Prime Sale Day

A great way to save is shopping on days that offer the biggest deals of the year. Prime Day lasts 36 hours and you can find killer deals on millions of products! 3 other notable sales events are Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the one and only Boxing Day!

Shop, find great deals and have fun saving!

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