10 gadgets on amazon under $50

10 Cool Gadgets On Amazon Less Than $50

The holiday season might be behind us but that only means it’s the perfect time to buy what you wanted. You may have gotten socks and deodorant for Christmas when you really wanted a few cool gadgets and tech other tech items. If that sounds like you we have the perfect list. We found ten cool Amazon gadgets that you actually wanted for Christmas. The best part? These are all less than 50 USD, and a few are even less than 20 USD. Let’s take a look!

1. Toplus Trash Bags

You love your car, but some times one thing happens that is almost impossible to control – people leave trash in your car. How dare them! The good news is there is a solution now! These are no ordinary car trash bags. Toplus Trash bags are sleek, eco-friendly and even washable! The cylindrical design makes it easy to attach to the back of a seat for kids or to the side of your fear shift if you have a habit of eating in the car.

2. Interior Car Lights by Britenway

who said Amazon gadgets couldn’t be fun? These interior car lights look pretty fun to me! Easy setup, wireless remote control and a lifetime warranty? That means whenever you get a new vehicle you can move these to the new car without breaking a sweat about ruining them!

3. Luwint Folding Umbrella

Some of you have more fun going outside, doing things like hiking. One of the more outdoorsy items on our list on amazon gadgets. I have a problem, I like to hike but since I live in the PNW it happens to be wet a lot and I detest reaching the high point of my hike and realizing I am only halfway and already drenched. Enter the Luwint Folding Umbrella this perfect it keeps you dry without taking up a hand and folds into the same size of a small water bottle if you deem it unnecessary to use.

4. LED Flashlight Gloves

but if you don’t need a folding umbrella or already have one you can try these LED Flashlight Gloves are just that. Leave your flashlight at home, pick up a pair of these awesome amazon gadgets.

5. Spider Flexible Grip

One of the cheapest items on our list of Amazon gadgets, the Spider flexible grip for smartphones is the price of a cup of coffee. It sports eight legs and is compatible with pretty much every smartphone on the market and even some E-readers and tablets. The uses for this are immeasurable, A quick look through the amazon reviews reveal stories of users mounting this to their car, bike and their own bed frame!

6. Tempered Glass Phone Cover

Temped glass covers are ubiquitous, but I bet you don’t have one right now. That’s a bad idea, they can save your screen and by association, they can save you money. A screen replacement can be easily $150, Instead, why don’t you pick up this Gadget Guard and save yourself some money?

7. Rubber Grip for Nintendo 3DS

What about some amazon gadgets for some younger folks in your life? The Nintendo DS is one of the most popular handheld video game consoles of all time. They are fantastic, but every kid already has one and there is nothing to grab on to. It’s basically a piece of cheap plastic with a computer in it. So we found this Rubber Coating Grip. It’s a very simple concept, you slip this on the DS and it provides a low profile rubber grip so your hands have something to grab on to.

8. Gadgets Activities Kit by LEGO

Not all kids like video games though and sometimes you want them off the couch for a bit. If you have a kid who likes Legos, likes to build things or has seen The Lego Movie – so if you have any child – this Lego Gadgets Activities Kit is a fantastic belated gift, or maybe a birthday present. it has more than 10 different structures it teaches you how to build and as always with legos, if you can build 10 with instructions, you can probably build 100 without instructions.

9. Hotdog Slicer

I am going to ask you a question you have never been asked before. Have you ever thought about getting a hotdog slicer? The Slotdog Hot dog slicing tool is a kitchen utensil that allows any grill master to cook the perfect hotdog by slicing little indents into the hotdog prior to it being cooked, allowing it to be cooked more thoroughly, have caramelized edges and even have a little pocket for toppings of any type.

10. LED Desk Fan

The last on our list of Amazon gadgets is a USB LED desk fan. It’s very different from a lot of other amazon gadgets on its list but a perfect edition for anyone in a little more arid of a climate that has a stationary laptop as their main work station. it even tells the time when it is turned on! it especially makes a perfect dorm room gift for anyone headed to university.

Whatever kind of person you are, whatever you’re interested in, I am confident you can find something for you in this list of Amazon gadgets! In case you wanted some deals on other items, you can search our site for more.

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